Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Wow! Glucosamine really works!

For the last several months....I have found that I am very stiff in the morning, particularly in my back.  Although I'm no spring chicken, I have been flummoxed by the fact that I'm this stiff and I'm only 52...and I didn't feel this way before this last onset of cancer and the resultant treatment.

Finally, in desperation, I started taking Glucosamine condroitin....I knew that some people swore by it and several of my friends who had aging dogs said that helped their arthritis.  I bought some Osteo-biflex (it happened to be on sale) and I've been absolutely amazed....it has really made a difference...at least for now.

I'm not saying I'm going running with my daughter tomorrow...but hey, not doddering around when I first get out of bed is great!


  1. Must try this - have been working in the garden and my back is really hurting!

  2. Well, it's good for the stiffness in the morning from what I hope is arthritis....Now, since the weather is so hot, if only C would get the hot tub going...but of course, I'll have to be careful of the lymphedema. :/