Monday, April 2, 2012

Mind Games

I'm kind of  in a fog..For one thing, I'm tired from too much stimulation and walking at the SAQA conference.

The second thing is I'm falling prey to something really common for a cancer patient.  On Tuesday, my oncologist drew my blood for the regular routine tests as well as my tumor markers.  He said that he'd call me on Friday with the results.  I gave him my cell phone number explaining that I was gong to be in Philadelphia for most of the week.

He didn't call my cell phone.  No messages.  He didn't call home either.  Now, part of me says "Oh, the results just didn't get back in because you were there late on a  Tuesday afternoon and perhaps there wasn't enough in your "batch." (they hold them and send them in in batches of I think 50 or so).  The other part of me starts to panic and say "he didn't call you because he has bad news and he didn't want to upset you over the weekend."

Unfortunately, he doesn't work on Mondays, so I didn't get a call today either.

Waiting causes you to play all sorts of mind games.  YUCK.

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