Saturday, April 21, 2012


The other day, I was reading a plea for help on the Inspire website and something occurred to me.  We are our own worst enemies.  Often, when we are facing something we know will take a lot of work, or is scary in some way, or that we really don't want to do, we ask for help....then immediately shoot down the suggestions which come our way.

We through up roadblocks to our own progress.  I think it is probably human nature, but we can do this to excess and to the detriment of our lives.

We need to re-examine.  Look at this sign again..the first thing you see is "Bridge Closed to Thru Traffic"...but just below is a "detour" sign.  We can get around this....we can go forward, although it may not be the path that we originally were thinking of.  The path may not be the easiest, it may not be the most direct, nor may it be as scenic....but it can be done....and the best thing to do is to take it one small step at a time.

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