Sunday, March 11, 2012

Complimentary Therapies

I went outside to work in the garden a little bit today...trying to take it easy as I have a habit of over doing it...and I found my early dutch iris blooming.  This is a shot I took of it a couple of years ago, but what a present!

Yesterday, I went to Dayton to get a Polarity/Reiki session with Lisa Nelson.  Lisa, and a couple other practitioners, provide sessions free or at reduced rates to members of the Noble Sister, the women's cancer support group I joined last year.

While there isn't a lot of studies to indicate whether or not Reiki (sometimes referred to as "healing touch") really "heals" someone with cancer, it certainly does work for stress reduction and relaxation....and it feels really good.  I was fortunate to get Reiki done for me several times from friends in Connecticut and was grateful to find places here where I could get it as well.  Lisa combines Reiki and polarity therapy and so far, I've been three times, I've really felt it was wonderful.  It certainly isn't harming and I believe it is doing me a lot of good.

Sometimes, though, I'm a little saddened to know that there are lots of people who could benefit from this but they are not in areas which have practitioners or they can't afford it.

If you do have an opportunity to give it a try, I really suggest that you do so.


  1. Hi, I see you on inspire at times. I hope your feeling well. I posted a pretty picture of my crocus that just popped open, was so nice to see.

  2. Thanks! I'm doing OK...I think... :) Crocus are just such happy flowers! I hope YOU'RE doing well.