Tuesday, November 29, 2011


For the last several months, I admit to having lust in my heart....but I have to wait.  When I was getting therapy for my lymphedema, the therapist showed me these AWESOME lymphedema gloves.  Designed by a lymphedema patient, these sleeves and gloves ROCK!  You've got to take a look:


They aren't cheap...but I don't know how much the regular ones cost....But....when I get enough money I'm going to get me a set!  I think I want the Lotus Dragon tattoo....but I could also get the purple paisley, the White Vercache,  the Sunburst, or the Nouveau.....but I wish the Nouveau was in turquoise or purple....Hmmm...things to think about....and to save my pennies for!

Maybe Santa would be so kind....

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