Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Things that Get My Goat

No, this goat hasn't been's the electric fence separating him from me....and frankly, given those horns, I'm a tad grateful for it.

Dawn (Calming scents) left a comment on my previous post.  I went to her blog and discovered that she too has advanced breast cancer.  I'm not liking how she found out (advanced pain) and I always dislike it when doctors start saying "if you're lucky, you'll have (fill in the blank) amount of time.  Why? No one knows.  We could get hit by a car, eat a bad piece of turkey, or have a heart attack.

In addition, we could have amazing genes and amazing ability to recover.  Heck, we might even be a  recipient of a miracle or two.

I also don't believe that "God plans all of this.  He wouldn't give it to me unless there was a plan."  Well, balderdash.  If God (or your higher power or whatever) is supposed to be a gracious and loving persona, then HE (or SHE) doesn't WANT us to have pain and suffering, we are the objects of a cosmic crap shoot.  However, I do believe that "God", "Your Higher Power," or whatever, can help us deal with a bad hand of cards AND it can be turned to something positive.

Putting us intentionally in this situation? No way.  I don't know of any father, heavenly or otherwise, who purports to be loving would want us to be in the dire straights that we as mortal beings find ourselves in.  Yes, I'd love for everyone to die of old age in their sleep, painlessly and seamlessly, but that seems to rarely happen.

We also have a part to play in how we want to deal with others, take it a day at a time, or not.  Sometimes it's hard.  OK, a lot of times it is hard, but it is where we are at present.

I think I've probably said all the above before, but I really do think it bears repeating.  Discover how strong you are.  Discover how giving and forward looking you can be.   Do what you can,  grumble at what you can't, and see what else good is around the corner.  And yes....God or your higher power or Earth Mother, might just have a hand in the good which comes out of it....and so may you.


  1. I agree with you, Michigoose...God doesn't intentionally give you bad things. LIke you said, it's balderdash! He is there with you, supporting you and can help you find whatever good there is. You're such a wise woman. You amaze me.

  2. Lisa, I also do not believe God gives us bad things. I have received so much heavenly support through this stage IV diagnosis from the start in 6/09. I've even had strangers give me flowers and I have some very wonderful friends and family that have supported me through this. I truly believe God has taken care of me & my family emotionally, financially & physically through all of this.
    There's an inner confindence feeling I have gotten a couple times in my life: one was when I was pregnant with my only child and the other was the day I was diagnosed stage IV bc. I would encourage everyone to tap into their higher power. I truly believe that having faith through the goodness of God will bring many good things in your life and your family.

  3. Absolutely, Terri! Back in 1998, when I was the local poster child for breast cancer awareness, lots of people were praying for me and being extremely loving. Those are gifts I cherish and presently miss. I also have been there with the inner voice...

    Roni, I'm not least I don't feel wise...just that I've been around block a couple of times in my 51 years...and yes, sometimes I am a HUGE P.I.T.A. as well as being the posterior portion of an equine....far more often than I'd like! L.