Monday, September 10, 2012

Los Angeles Area study on Chemobrain

I've written on this before, but here's a chance to get yourself counted....I especially appreciate this as lately, I realize that I'm just not thinking straight....making mistakes or not seeing solutions which would ordinarily be easy for me.

The Army of Women is looking for female breast cancer survivors in the Los Angeles area, ages 21 to 65, who are experiencing memory loss and concentration problems, to participate in a research study evaluating a rehabilitation program designed to improve concentration and memory skills.

Breast cancer and its treatments can affect many aspects of a woman's health and well-being, including her brain (cognitive) functioning. One common problem is persistent difficulty with memory, concentration, multi-tasking, and other similar activities—often referred to as "chemobrain". A research team at the University of California, Los Angeles, wants to help! They have developed a group-based cognitive rehabilitation program for breast cancer survivors who are experiencing these problems and they need YOU and your readers to help test it!

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