Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Fais do-do!

Sunset with Rocky Mountains, east face of Glacier NP from my parents.
So...if you don't speak French, perhaps that heading is a big question mark.  It is a phrase I learned in college French and heard the lullaby which uses it in Nova Scotia many years ago. It is the French equivalent of "go beddy bye."  The "do-do" is a corruption (? not really the correct word) for the verb "dormir" which is "to sleep".  It has always made me smile.

One of the things I have been struggling with lately is my capacity for sleep.  Granted, it is usually interrupted with a couple of potty breaks, but lately I've been sleeping 9 - 10 hours.  Ouch. That takes a big chunk of your day.

However, it is important that I take the same advice I dole out to my teen-aged daughter.  Sleep is when your body heals itself, therefore for us cancer fighters it is especially important.  Don't beat yourself up about it...don't worry when you feel fatigued...just know that your body is fighting and it is your duty to help it as much as you can. So, make your apologies, bow out early, and fais do-do!

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