Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Medicinal Qi Gong Lift Qi Up, Pour Qi down method

Vivien asked me about the Qi Gong which we did at the Noble Circle Project.  Qi Gong is an ancient Chinese tradition which used for curative powers as well as prevention.  It is based on the breathing and motion I think called Prana.  Go to the Wikipedia entry for it here...it explains it better than I ever could.

The one we learned at Noble Circle is a form called "Lift Qi Up, Pour Qi down."  I found a video on you-tube which shows it better than I could ever do it! Notice, what he does in 3 minutes (approximately) takes me 20 minutes to do...and I'm very clunky at it...one of these days I'll get as fluid in motion as he does.

I'm sorry to say that the embed codes are being stinky...so here's the link.

Trust me..me doing it would send you into hysterics.


  1. Hi there,
    Just came across your blog and read about your nail problem. When I was undergoing chemo last spring the nurses at my hospital put my hands in thick plastic frozen gloves in order to keep my nails from falling off. It was painful-and chilled your whole body as they were on for the full 3 hours but it worked! Wish they would have done that for my toe nails as well. My last chemo was April 2010 and my toe nails are just starting to look somewhat normal again. It's late and I haven't had the time to read through all your posts, but your photography is absolutley beautiful!

  2. Hi RW, welcome and thank you for your kind words about my photography.

    The "ice treatment" has been in use for several years, at least when I underwent chemo in 1994 people were using it to save their hair. I've had mixed feelings about it, part of me thinks I don't want to shield any part where the cancer cells may be hiding. At any rate, the ice gloves weren't offered to me. My toenails are fine, it's just the fingernails. I really didn't think that would happen! :)

    Glad to hear your toenails are returning to normal. I keep on thinking how long it took my big toenail to return to normal after losing it in a soccer mishap in high school.

    Thanks again! Lisa