Thursday, October 14, 2010

Protecting the Cancer Survivors and their Relatives

I've been thinking about the Breast Cancer Bill of Rights that the Susan G. Komen foundation has been promoting. They've been pushing for us to contact our politicians and remind them that we vote and that we want certain points to be covered. (I wrote about this on October 4). Their Bill of Rights just doesn't go far enough.

People who participate in studies which involve genetic testing, as well as those who have genetic testing done should not have to live in fear that their relatives could be denied insurance or have claims related to the testing denied based on the positive results for gene abnormalities which are related to cancer. Why? Having a gene abnormality doesn't mean that you will develop the disease. Being related to a person who DOES have such a gene abnormality doesn't mean that you will have the abnormality. I shouldn't have to be afraid of this because I participated in a study to try to find the causes of breast cancer so that other young women won't have to worry about being sideswiped by this evil in the future.

I shouldn't have to worry that my husband wouldn't find a new job in time for my cancer to be covered.....if we had not been able to continue with our cancer coverage and let it lapse when he was without a job for 2 years, we would have been in deep doo-doo.

Women who are not covered by their own insurance should not have to stay in toxic relationships because they need the insurance.

What other things would you like to see in the Cancer Bill of Rights which the Komen Foundation didn't cover in theirs?

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