Monday, October 25, 2010

The Perception of others

Today I went to place my daughter's graduation photo order. I had made this appointment last week, before I discovered I had to run to Kettering to get another treatment. The photographer was in Springfield, 45 minutes away. Doctor's offices are notorious for not being on time, so I let the photographer know that I might not be there right on time as I was getting another cancer treatment.

When I got there, I placed the order and we talked about my having cancer. One comment he made was "You must ask yourself all the time why this happened to you."

I think he was shocked when I said, "Actually, no. I don't think that at all." I've always been of the opinion that spending time in this way, moaning "why me????" is a waste of time. The reality is that those of us who are diagnosed with cancer are just sideswiped by evil. I would bet that most of the people you meet have some sort of burden. While you might think that theirs is minor, to them it may be all that they can bear. Sometimes, you never know the horrible things that people have had to withstand. Life is uncertain, both as to length and as to what will happen to us. To listen to anyone say that we are supposed to have it easy and go down a primrose path is a fool....or delusional...or both.

It is a rare person indeed who is absolutely happy with all that has confronted him. I prefer to look at the sunshine and bask in it's rays, to run in the rain and be thankful for the drink that the earth is getting. Why waste your time wondering "Why me?" Why not me? If you think that things like cancer happen to "someone else," just remember this, to everyone else YOU are "someone else." The only time I ask "why me" is when I'm trying to think of the cause of my cancer so that we might better fight it.

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