Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Pains and Pink Outs

As an update. Last Friday, I went to my general practitioner who ordered chest x-rays on me after pounding on my ribs....which didn't hurt. He is a great doc, who went on-line to look at my views. He called me immediately. While he said he isn't a radiologist, he didn't see anything wrong with my lungs or my ribs, except for a small area on the 10th rib, not in the area where I was experiencing pain. So....we're guessing that this problem is muscular or neurological in nature. It's better, but not gone.

In the meantime, my daughter's school has themes for each week's football game. This week, they are having a "Pink-out" in recognition of breast cancer awareness month. To that end, I was dying her some tie-dyed pink shirts for her and some of her friends to wear.

As I work on these, I keep on hoping that these girls won't have to live through this, that perhaps they will do better at finding a preventative or something for breast cancer.

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