Friday, June 26, 2009

Taking Advantage of the Cancer Patient

I am really disgusted with one of the message boards (Yahoo groups) I have been following. This particular group was developed for Stage IV breast cancer survivors.

One person... who lists variously as "nur said" or has no name at all but posts the blog of "idohealth" has a nasty habit of posting all sorts of things about how awful and terrible conventional medicine and treatment is.

Often what this self-appointed guru posts is complete fiction.

The person never identifies him or herself. Never says what his/her experience with cancer is, or anything personal.

The thing which is really maddening is that this person has taken over the group. There apparently isn't a moderator. The tripe does nothing but spew negativity and fear.

Granted, the poster may be thinking that he/she/it is doing survivors a favor by pointing out problems in the medical field or suggesting alternatives. But to my mind, he/she/it is doing nothing but unnecessarily scaring people.

Word to the wise: don't believe EVERYTHING you hear, especially on the Internet and especially from people who don't identify themselves (and yes, that includes me). The second word of wisdom is look for sites for survivors which have moderators who don't allow people overtake the site.

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