Thursday, August 9, 2012


Yesterday, I spent two and a half hours at the University of Dayton working with Mary Fisher, a Phd. candidate in Physical Therapy.  Mary's a pretty interesting person, and she's doing a study on Breast Cancer patients and muscular strength and endurance.  I did part of the study with her last fall....this time was a bit more honed.

It was non-invasive...except for the fact that Mary now knows my weight and blood pressure (the weight thing is definitely not something I share, although I am 25 pounds lighter than I was 2 years ago).  I got nothing in return except for sore trapezius muscles (hey, I don't usually lift 15 pounds over my head multiple times) and the knowledge that the information Mary gathered, might someday help some other person or doctors to understand what we really go through....

Just think....if we do participate, then doctors might learn that something works....or doesn't. the CRS study, it just might validate what patients have been saying for years....only to be dismissed.

The Army of Women frequently puts out calls for women (and men) in certain categories and looks for people who have or have had cancer and those who haven't in order to study the effects.  I have participated in a couple of studies with them, and some of them have even meant me having blood drawn and shipped off to the facility which is doing the study...once to St. Louis.

In Mary's case, she put out a call to various cancer support groups.  In my case she contacted the Noble Circle, to which I belong.  However, she said she has been having a hard time filling the study.  So....if you're in the Dayton area and can give up a couple of hours of your time, contact me, and I'll put you in touch with her and send you the flyer on the study.

What ever you can do...just might change a life or change the way of looking at the disease.

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  1. Lisa,

    I just sent out a tweet about this! Hopefully it will help fill the study. I'm big on seeing studies filled quickly. I volunteer with Army of Women so I understand how important it is to fill them quickly. The only way research can help us is if we help the researchers...