Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Foul Mood these are fowl, not foul...but it doesn't stop the fact that I am in a foul mood.  My feet hurt.  My hands hurt, and digging out the weeds and three foot high mulberry, and two foot high hickory trees out of my perennials beds is not in the picture.

But more importantly, I'm irritated with Nancy Snyderman....or maybe just the state of health care in general. Why?  She was honest...and in talking about scans and tests, she said that we should do less (and I don't disagree with this as I feel that often a test is required just to cover one's bases...even if there are other means to find out things more easily), and accept the fact that some people will die because of it.  Starr asked if it was all about money...and Snyderman said yes...that we should do what is best for the bottom line....

Hmm.  So this means that the wealthy, who already have access to better health care, better doctors, and more adjuvant treatment than the middle class or poor class, are more valuable to our society than the common folk....and that through some quirk of fate, those of us who do not have silver spoons in our mouths, or had the misfortune to suffer a disease, accident, or I.E.D. are some how lesser beings and not as important to save....

I resent the fact that I have worked. I have paid insurance, and now when the chips are in, I don't have equal  access.....and that people like Snyderman, and the insurance companies and dictate who is valuable and who isn't.  I dislike that fact that I risk bankrupting my family....I resent the fact that it seems like people who have advanced cancer, stage IV like mine, are considered expendable....I resent the fact that things which probably would ultimately REDUCE the cost of health care for me, chemo in particular, are not covered (I'm thinking rational therapeutics here--and perhaps more study to see how effective it is in seeing which drugs are most likely to work).  I didn't ask for this disease.  I do ask, however, that I am not marginalized nor made to feel like my life just isn't worth it when compared to others.

Yes...I know....this is probably because my hands and feet hurt....but I am getting weary of this...I am getting weary of attacks being made on the affordable health care act without offering a solid plan, or one which doesn't allow exclusions for pre-existing conditions....

So, forgive me...and allow me this one little fit of pique...I'm sure I'll have more....but I'm thinking that those of us who have been touched by Stage IV cancers need to make our faces known just a little more...and start roaring....Black-panther style? Probably not.  Pink Panther style? Well....I'm not so much into pink and the pink parade which is beginning to gear up because they seem to forget the MBC patients...and I certainly don't think we are a laughing matter, but we do have to get the message out there.  Our Lives Count!


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