Friday, October 28, 2011

Blogging for Health?

A while ago, I was asked to fill out a survey for someone who was studying people who blog about cancer...and about health.  I dutifully filled it out and said WHY I was fact I went into a great deal of detail.

You know the drill..I've said it before.  I started blogging about being a Stage IV survivor because I didn't know of any other Stage IV survivors who have been alive as long as I had.  In fact, I knew very few stage IV survivors at all.  When I was first diagnosed....there weren't any.  That should tell you something.

I wanted to give people hope and share some of my experiences in hopes that it might be helpful.  I also wanted to put it "out there" so that people who didn't have cancer might be able to understand a little more about the road that the cancer patient travels....all cancer patients have some similarities, even though the particulars and many of the experiences may be different.

In addition, some pretty bizarre stuff happens to me and I tend to understand the physical process and medical procedures.  I mean really, who else do you know (other than Vivien's daughter) who have had a suture pop to the surface years after being put in? Or had a biopsy needle broken off her her pelvis????

So, my main goal is to help.  Ok..yeah, I know, sometimes I bellyache about what's going on.  Hey, I'm human and that's normal.  In addition, I know several people who follow this blog who don't have cancer or who just know me.  So it's there.

I was completely blown away in his summary of the analysis of the blogs...the only thing he looked at was how it made the blogger this researcher's opinion all cancer blogs were merely documenting the process that particular patient was going through...and that it was a way of that patient connecting and garnering support.  There was no mention made anywhere about anyone doing it to give hope, information and maybe in some way be helpful.

So am I nuts? What do you think? Are you getting anything out of this?   Hopefully, it is doing something other than making my fingers slender and maybe helping my neuropathy in my hands. ;)


  1. No, you are not nuts. It sounds like he painted his summary with a pretty broad brush. One wonders if he had a preconceived theory of what he would find, then "found" what he wanted in all the info given. Yours definitely does not fit his description; you talk about many other things and give us a hint of what you have been up to (or what has been done to you). I have seen other blogs where you get the blow by blow of "how I feel this hour, this day", and then when their treatment is over the blog is never updated again.
    You also could wonder if he was a student and had to do his analysis and paper quickly to turn in for his degree.
    Vicky F

  2. Good thoughts, Vicky. You'd think if he were actually taking the time to do the research and survey people, he'd consider other options...Sniff. ;) L.