Friday, July 15, 2011

Rejoice in Being Bald! I don't have a photo of my bald head currently...and no one is around to shoot me at these glowing globes will have to suffice.

Today, a fellow Noble Circle Sister groaned that she officially didn't like being bald.  I'm afraid that I have to disagree.  This is my third time being bald, and I'm afraid that I'm being just a little lazy...I don't bother wearing hats, scarves or wigs around the house anymore...and that means when I go outside to talk to my neighbor or pick up mail either.  I just don't care.

You see, I'm still me, with or without hair.  It doesn't change who I am.  It does, however, make things a little nicer in the summer.

For instance, I've never taken as quick of showers as I do now.  When I come out of the shower, I throw a towel over my head and I'm done.  No hair is ever out of place.  How can that be? Easy, I don't have any.  I've saved a fortune in hair cuts and hair dresser appointments.  The wind or rain cannot muss my hair up.  No hat head....put a hat on, and my head is just the same as when I take it off.

In the summer, wigs are hot and bald is cool.  Wearing a baseball cap is cool.  If I could remember how I used to tie my cotton gauze hanks so they looked good, I might use those....but I just don't care.

I went to a quilting meeting and someone kept on mentioning my eyes.  "I can't believe how blue they are!  I've never noticed how beautiful your eyes are.  Are they more blue?" To which another Breast Cancer surrivor noted "No, you just don't have her hair distracting you...her eyes have always been like that."  Lets hear it for my eyes.  Oh yeah, and earrings.  No one has made as many comments about my cool earrings until you can REALLY see your ears.

Does not having hair made me any less of a woman? I don't think so .  And I'm still me.  Oh yeah...and just for the record, Nefertiti, once considered one of the most beautiful women in the world was also bald....she didn't have chemo as her hair dresser, she just had her head shaved, but the result was the same.  So enjoy this carefree period while you can.  And remember, baldness is the least of your problems and your hair will return after chemo...just be might just be curly.


  1. This is such an uplifting post, Lisa. Wow, what a great perspective.

  2. And it's true...although I do notice that sometimes my daughter's friends don't look me in the eye as least some of them. She doesn't seem to mind though. :)

    Thanks Vivien!