Friday, November 5, 2010

Ports and Paclitaxel protein bound

On Wednesday, I got my port, and yes, I am happy it is a Bard subcutaneous variety. Rather than a surgeon, this time a Radiologist made the placement. The port is nestled under my clavical and the line runs to my jugular vein. I told the doctor about the extra stitch (hey, I'm a quilter! Stitches are important!!!). He was receptive, and said that generally, ones radiologists put in don't flip, but that he would be happy to stitch it in firmly.

He had to put it above the area where the other port was as that one was sub-clavical and went to the veni-clava. So...more scars and bumps. Maybe this is some sort of tribal scarring we are supposed to get? Maybe the gurus could work on something to make them a tad more attractive....

Somehow I feel like a vampire has claimed me. Hmm....aren't Vampire's immortal? I don't want to be immortal, but a few more years sounds pretty good.

There isn't really any discomfort, except that the tape sort of pulls at my neck. I feel like a horse with a martingale set of reins, which sort of keep the head from rising as part is attached to the girth through a D-ring....supposedly to increase the contact and ease of communication. I don't remember much from my horsey days....that was a long time ago, but I can say that this lets me know if I am moving my head too quickly.

It did take me a while to clear the sedatives from my system. I am resistant to most sedatives, to the point of being completely awake and feeling it when I had my colonoscopy. I warned them, and indeed, again I was awake but it certainly didn't feel bad. I just was groggy when I went home and well into the next day.

Today, I got my first dose of Abraxane (Paclitaxel-protein bound, the actual description of the drug rather than the brand name ). I had some irritations, but none caused by the drug. First, my appointment was for 10:00. At 11:00 they finally took me in to draw the blood for the CBC. As I sat there, the nurse asked me if I would like a blanket or anything else. I thought a glass of water sounded good, and she asked if I wanted ice. OOOH. I love ice water.

Then, they started a saline solution with the steriod, Decadron. In the past, I hated Decadron as it make me not able to sleep. Harumph. Then they put another bag of something else on. At 1:00, that bag finally finished. And I waited as the alarm on my pole was going off. And I waited. A nurse looked over and came over and asked me who my nurse was. I told her and she said, oh. She's at lunch, but she's supposed to have someone cover for her. 20 minutes later they came an hung the bag of Abraxane.....which only takes 30 minutes to transfuse. Hmmmm.

I didn't really come prepared as I was told that the drug "only takes 30 minutes so you're not there all day." (!!)." So....I sat there. Eventually, my two neighbors joined, well, she's a little pushy, which I have noticed is not the tactic to take in this office. Next time, I plan on going it alone, with quilting stuff, water and quilt in tow. That water and blanket? It never came.

However, so far, so good. I'll keep you all posted on side effects.

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