Monday, November 29, 2010

Out of the Mouths of Thoughtless People

As old as I get, I never cease to be amazed by people. In September, my neighbor invited me to a "get to know you session" from a service organization in which she is active. About two weeks after that, I told her that I assumed it was a membership driven thing and that I was putting all such activities on hold and curtailing some of my other activities while I am fighting this bout with cancer.

Last week Wednesday, I got a telephone call from one of the members of the organization asking me if I wanted to join. I told her that as I was currently undergoing chemo for stage IV cancer, I am not joining things at present but would get back in touch if something changed, and that I was fairly close to the person who invited me and would work through her. This lady's response was "OH! You're one of the lucky ones!" Lucky? I'm undergoing my third series of treatments, the second for a stage IV diagnosis, and I'm Lucky???? Ok...So I AM lucky, lucky that I was born with more brains and sensitivity than to say to someone who has cancer that I think they were lucky. I will also admit that I am lucky to be able to draw my next breath....but I doubt that she would take to kindly to me saying that she was just as lucky.

Which brings me to another rant.... When I posted about my first treatment with Abraxane, someone left a comment telling me that I needed Vicoden for chemo pain (what pain? I only had pain for the first two weeks in the area of the cancer, pain is NOT a given for chemo as this person was intimating) and that it was available on line without a prescription. ARE YOU FRIGGIN NUTS???? Even if these drugs were pure and on the up-and up, they should ONLY be dispensed by a physician who is following you....and on top of it, narcotics make me really queasy.

The next wonderful thing was the comment left when I wrote about losing my hair to chemo. This was another blogger who was trying to get me to buy his product for hair loss. Well, dang.....that's all I need...slap a little rogaine on my head and that will prevent chemo hair loss. Well shoot. The thing which annoys me about both of these things is that there doesn't seem to be a place on blogger where I can report these nimrods to get them pulled.

So...long story short....I'm feeling well and as feisty as ever even though my taste buds are fried and I seem to be tired. Enough so that I'd love to smack all of these people who have no ability to keep their mouths shut and their money grubbing hands off people who are vulnerable and may be looking for some kind of relief. So I guess I'm doing A-OK. Oh yeah, and I'll get my first report on the tumor markers later this week. :)

And thank you for the opportunity to rant. On the sweeter side, my daughter called one of her friends who shaves his head every two weeks to come over and buzz my head....she couldn't do it because she was scared to, but she didn't want to see me scratching my head as the last little bits fell out. So....he came over on Sunday and did a really nice job. For the life of me, I can't figure out why any guy would voluntarily keep his hair 1/4" long in the wintertime...but then again, he wore his knit cap all the while he was in the do I.


  1. I know just the thing for the "chrome Dome" Chemo head....a silk pillow case. Kate's hair is growing in and she looks wonderful and the highlight several weeks ago...she can now use mascara. She is back to work and refuses to wear her wig....chemo hair....soon she will be able to spike it. The guys at work refer to her as "their Marine" and you don't mess with a Marine. Keep up the good have silent folks who have you on their prayer list.

  2. Go KATE! I'm so disgusted with the trim job I paid to have done on my wig....I'm just not wearing it much.

    I stopped wearing hats the last time when I thought it was long enough...only to have one of my daughter's kindergarten friends ask why her mom didn't have any hair....go figure! I thought it looked rather stylish!

    I'm looking a bit paste-y (pasty? no, you eat those)...without make up. My eyelids still aren't back to normal and I'm afraid to use anything since I broke out the last time I did. I'm not used to having this sensitive of skin.

  3. Lisa I know I shouldn't chuckle at your rant but I could picture your tone and expression so clearly as if you were here and it did make me laugh just to picture it. We miss you guys and think of you often, wish we could visit more often!. Don't you just love all the unsolicited advice *rolls eyes!*