Monday, September 20, 2010

New Place

Today I went to the new Cancer Care treatment center in Kettering for my monthly Faslodex injection. This facility is occupied by the Dayton Physician's Oncology and Hematology Office, and possibly others. It's my oncologist's new location.

It's far larger than the facility they were in previously. Larger waiting room, larger treatment rooms and more private examination rooms. I arrived at just before 9 am and was amazed at the number of people who were there. It made me think back to all of the treatment rooms I've been in over the last 16+ years. In the 11 years that I was in New Haven, the Hospital of St. Raphael's McGivney Cancer center grew by leaps and bounds too.

Cancer treatment has changed over the years. Instead of being there for long treatments, many patients are treated on an outpatient basis. Like me, some people come only for blood tests and quick injections. The needs have changed.

Of course, when you see large rooms full of people in a cancer center, it can be alarming. However, you have to remember that it doesn't necessarily mean that more people are getting cancer (although I personally think that they are), it does mean that people are living longer with cancer. It is becoming a chronic illness that one can live with.

I was also reminded of how nice and welcoming the people at this facility is versus where I used to go. Same doctor, but the atmosphere and general attitude toward patients, or at least toward this one patient, is entirely different. Once again, I urge you, if you're not happy with something about your treatment, look around....see what you can change. A different office made the whole difference to me.

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