Monday, April 26, 2010

Frightened or paranoid...I'm not sure which

Breast cancer survivors should be angry....very angry, and the general populace should be very scared. Last Friday, word came out that Wellpoint was discontinuing coverage, or limiting coverage for breast cancer survivors/patients. Since I haven't heard anything else about it, I wondering what the word is...or has the insurance industry squelched it....or are people too ready to throw it into the "so what? I don't have this particular problem.

We all know that insurance companies are out there to make money. The house is stacked in their favor. We also know that when something becomes unprofitable for them, they try to wiggle out of it. So, one of my questions is why did they choose breast cancer over all the other expensive illnesses? Is it because there are now more of us (even though some entities say it isn't on the rise)? Or is it because women are more expendable? does sound like I'm becoming paranoid.

I admit it....on Saturday, our answering machine picked up a robo-call from our health insurer....requesting me to call them "at my earliest convenience." When I called this morning, I got a computerized information session, warning me that I should be screened for breast, colon, and cervical cancers...well, DUH! They should know that I had my first colonoscopy in October, and that I am screened every year for breast cancer (i.e. mammogram, every six months for a P.E.T. scan) and that I have no cervix thanks to the prophylactic oophrectomy/complete hysterectomy I had when I was diagnosed with stage 4 progesterone positive breast cancer.

The robot asked me if I wanted more information. No. Why should I? I must admit I was hesitant to press the "no" response....Would that mean that they would throw me into a bin as un-cooperative? or would it flag me for other problems???? Why, after being covered by this same insurance for 4 years, is this popping up now????

So..yes...I'm hesitant...and afraid....The health care/insurance house of cards is shaky....and I'm afraid it is going to come crashing down around my ears.


  1. Oh, insurance is just a mess! And illogical! And frustrating! And maddening! And you're not alone in feeling abused by the industry!

  2. I'm also wondering...what will happen next? Why has nothing else been said?