Monday, July 29, 2013


I was pleased to find this today.  I guess it was originally posted here:

I don't know where people find this stuff.....

Today was another treatment day and I was talking to a guy who has an aggressive form of lymphoma.  He is hopeful for a bone marrow transplant, but he must get the lymphoma stabilized before he goes for it.

He and I were of the same viewpoint:  We would continue, hoping and waiting for something to work so that we could manage this as a chronic disease.  "I don't fool myself," he said.  "Even if I do get a bone marrow transplant, life will be different.  I may have to do things in a different way....but if I can get a few more years or 10 or 20....I'll do what I can."

Things are different.  For the most part I feel good, even though I have lots of annoying side effects....and there's always that monkey on my shoulder....but if I keep on feeding it bananas, maybe I can keep it from whacking me in the head.


  1. I recently encountered someone who has been Stage IV longer than you have, so keep on plugging!

    It seems like there's a new option every day.

    1. Really? From stage IV diagnosis, or from original diagnosis. Love to hear about it. In April, 2014, it will be 20 years since original diagnosis and the stage IV came in late 1997.

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