Monday, February 18, 2013


Isn't this piece of graffiti neat? Sometimes I have some trouble with graffiti.  On the one hand, I admire a lot of it for the artwork...on the other hand, it bothers me that people are defacing other people's property.....and of course, not all graffiti is artistic.

When I wrote the post about the Platitudes....I was trying to offer some different reasons for the responses we get from friends, family and acquaintances, as well as offer some reasons for them saying them....sort of to help both sides out.

However, twice I have been surprised by friends of mine.....I forget that they read this too.  At Christmas, one apologized for saying that she had completed two things on her bucket list...That didn't bother me at all...and it is only when I am in a mood, or the circumstances in which it was being said that it bothers me.... Last week, one of the sweetest, dearest friends I know apologized for saying that I was going to be OK....Not necessary.  I understand what they area is only sometimes, especially with family members, that I need them to understand that where I am is a very scary place....but if they want to offer the affirmation that I am going to be OK..then that's OK.

There are other things to say....other ways of looking at it....I hope that we can explore and find the way which is best for us.

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