Wednesday, October 31, 2012

It's almost over...and yet it has only just begun

Thank goodness....October is almost over.  With it's barrage of that...and we'll help cure cancer.  I know...I've talked about how jaded I've become.  I feel that after more than 20 years, we should be farther along with this....and while the trials for breast cancer drugs are done on advanced cancer cases....very few trials are actually looking at what can defeat cancer which has metastasized.

This time of well as around mother's day, all the television celebrities come out and tell their stories....this year was no different.  I watched Hoda Kotb talk about being saved....and I wrote on the Today Show with Kathy Lee and Hoda Kotb's facebook page asking her to not forget us....the MBC'ers.  I also pointed out that many of those stage I and stage 0 cancer survivors would find that it had returned....many as stage IV, many after that magical date of five years out.  I asked that she would look at us and allow us to have a voice.
I doubt it will make a difference.  I doubt many people saw and thought about what I said.

I probably shouldn't have written about this....I know that it makes many survivors and their families sad.  We don't want to remember the rather dire statistics.  For a little would be nice to live in denial.  But, we are surrounded with pink....Just like my daughter and I were in this photo....Fortunately, soon, after the stuff has landed in the clearance bins...we may just not have to have it in our faces anymore.

In the meantime, run over to the Metastatic Breast Cancer site....they are extending their campaign until November 30....for ever click to the website, for every share and tweet, $1 will be donated to MBC. Yah.  Now that's the way to do it!  The Elephant in the Pink Metastatic Breast Cancer

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