Wednesday, July 18, 2012

A Funerval!

Tea at the Willard
Not too long ago, on the Inspire message board for Metastatic breast cancer, someone posted that they recently had a "Funerval."  She dubbed the term, and said that as most people would really love to attend their own wakes, why not have a "funerval" to appreciate them while they were still alive? What a great idea!

The guest of honor gave the list to someone who organized it, and it was a big party for everyone to enjoy and appreciate the honored this case, someone who was diagnosed with Stage IV breast cancer.  The cancer patient didn't do anything, the friends all pitched in and they just had a big party.

What a great idea...and you could even hold anniversaries...although, I think doing it for 15 years is a little long....I DO love a party.  This photograph is the closest to a party I's Maggie, me and Lourdes having tea at the Willard Hotel.  Maggie is a breast cancer survivor of 8 years, and Lourdes so far is cancer free, although her husband had breast cancer and her mother died of advanced breast cancer....and Lourdes is Maggie's sister. 

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  1. Great idea. I say "Yes!" Have parties and fancy tea with your loved-ones while you can.