Monday, June 4, 2012

Having trouble dealing with Baldness from Chemo?

Quite some time ago..longer than I want to admit, Carol Hoenig sent me a copy of Regina E. Savage's Mirror Makeovers and savvy thoughts of the everday gal Surviving Cancer and Baldness with a Sense of Humor  (978-0--9823705-06 , ©2009).  This is a fun little romp through one 10 year cancer survivor's thoughts about being bald and how she dealt with this issue which can be so traumatic for so many.  At 25 pages, it is hardly a heavy tome, but it carries with it an insight that I didn't includes three markers for you to create your own inspirational messages and hairdos right on your you can look in the mirror and see something different.

Ok. So it's not perfect, but I guarantee that it will make you feel better.   Or at least laugh a little. Darren Cranford offers many illustrations which are amusing... It is available on Barnes and Noble, as well as Amazon, as well as from Quiet Angel Publishing .  Check out the link, and you'll be able to find out more about Regina and the book.  Its also nice to know that a percentage of the sales is donated to Chrysalis To Wings and to Healing Oddyssey.

And...since they were so kind in sending me a complimentary copy, please leave a comment  below..(maybe even suggestions on topics you'd like me to tackle), and I'll have a random number generator pick a number and I'll send you a copy....One comment per person, please, and I'm afraid I'll have to limit it to residents of U.S.A. since I'll be forking over my own cash to send it to you. :)  I'll draw for this on June 15. So make a comment before then.

Thanks! and good luck!

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