Friday, January 20, 2012

Things People Say.....

I've talked before about the odd things people say and do when they discover you have breast cancer....but sometimes it DOES produce some funny moments.

Take, for instance, something which happened to me in December.  My daughter needed some new bras and she had coupons (gotta love coupons) to Victoria's Secret.  Although it makes me grump as I think they are over priced, and I myself wear the 24  in a package for $15 white cotton underwear which could be alternatively used as sails in a pinch on a sailboat (ok...I'm exaggerating on all accounts, especially when I discovered my husband's cotton t-shirts (Hanes) had risen to $15 for a three pack and I HAVE lost weight), I acknowledge that 1. she is young.  2. they do fit her rather than guessing at what size she wears and my daughter, while slim, is very curvaceous. So, I, the  cash cow, goes into the shop where I DON'T shop...and stand politely waiting outside the dressing rooms with pocket book in hand.

Now, if you haven't figured it out by now, one of my favorite colors is red orange.  And I love Red orange (or red) Fedoras.  Since my hair is still very short, but now beginning to look like someone who chooses to wear it that way....I wear a hat wherever I go.

So...while I was waiting....the cute young thing who is staffing the dressing rooms looks at me and softly says..."Do you mind if I ask you a personal question? I don't want to offend you....."  Now, me, having been bald for a year plus thinks she's going to ask if I was a cancer patient....especially since I was standing beneath a sign for breast cancer something or another (don't all stores have their prerequisite PINK section???).  I said yes, it was probably what she was thinking....She said "WOW!  You don't look old enough!"   To have cancer? I asked..."I first got it when I was 34."  "NO!" says she, "to be a member of the Red Had Society.  You have Cancer?" I assumed wrong.  And I didn't FEEL old enough to be able to join the Red Hat Society.....although after looking it up today, I discovered that you have to be over 50....which I now am...hunh, who'da thought?

Then I was emailed this video today I had to share it...there's some pretty amusing things here, and despite the title, no profanity...the person who sent it also said that someone should develop a similar video for dumb stuff people say to people who have metatastic cancer...and said that "Well, you could be hit by a bus" should be at the top...I don't necessarily agree with that as I DO think that "Well you could be hit by a bus" is a good way of looking at it....meaning, we won't necessarily die of cancer, but we WILL die some day...and it could just as easily be a bus!  And yah...there are some real benefits to being long as its not in winter. ;)


  1. I LOLd at the Red Hat comment. Bless her heart.

  2. Well, really. That's not a red hat. It's a a perfect example of Pantone's color of the year 2012, Tangerine Tango. You're simply stylin' with that hat!
    Vicky F

  3. Shady, I could tell you what a friend of mine from Louisiana has to say about "Bless her heart." ; P

    Vicky, in reality, it is really orange red, with emphasis on the red. I'll have to have someone take a photo of me with it outside....this DOES look like tangerine tango....only it is the distortion from the overhead light. :)