Saturday, September 3, 2011

Cure: Cancer Resource Guide

I admit it. I often take the cancer support magazines I see at the oncologists office and once I get them home, I'm really disappointed.  They are often full of fluff or stuff which seems pretty obvious to me...but then to be fair, I have more experience going through this tunnel than most people do.

I was very surprised, however, by a freebie, "Cure:  Cancer Resource Guide 2011 edition."  The subtitles read "combining science & humanity Cancer updates, Reserach & education."  It was really worth it.  It is provided free to cancer patients and survivors, but I think I would even pay the $4.95 purchase price.  Here's the line up from the table of contents:

Part 1: About Cancer: 
          What is Cancer? 
          Pathology and Staging
          Cancer therapies
Part 2: At Diagnosis
          Medical decisions
          Dealing with Emotions
          Special Issues by Age
Part 3:  Before Treatment
           Seeking a second opinion
           Understanding Clinical Trials
            Insurance Issues
Part 4:  During Treatment
            Side Effects of Therapy
            Nutrition Facts
            Financial Matters
Part 5 Survivorship
          Finding the New Normal
           Exercise & Recovery
          Long Term & Late Effects
         Genetic Risk

Part 6:  For the Caregivers
          A New Role
          Taking Care of Yourself.

I felt that the information was well balanced and not just fluff.  While in some cases I wish it had gone into a topic a little more deeply, I don't think it could have easily and handled the other topics.  They have a website with information and you can sign up for a free subscription if you are a cancer survivor, are a caregiver, or are a patient.  You can sign up on the website.  Check it out.  I think you'll be happy you did.

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