Sunday, August 22, 2010

Everyone's Experience is Different

Last Friday, I had my monthly Faslodex shot, Zometa IV, and check up. While I was getting my IV, the lady next to me was having trouble with her port. They needed to draw blood as they had accessed her port before doing all the blood tests she needed. The port was being obstinate. Material would flow in, but she couldn't get it to draw back enough to fill a vial.

Now, my port was often a trouble maker. Not really a trouble maker, but it was hard to access and sometimes I had to sing "Up on the Hill was a lonely goatherd...." with the yodeling part from The Sound of Music. It sounds silly, but it worked...and at least I had a decent voice so I could pull it off. This lady wasn't so inclined.

So, they had to stick her again for the blood draw. Is it my favorite thing? No. Is it do-able? Yes, and it is a necessity. I was amazed at how this lady complained and whimpered. You'd think she was having her arm amputated. I know how awful it is when phlebotomist doesn't hit a vein and digs around. But this wasn't the case. I'm also not happy when they put a catheter line in as that doesn't feel too pleasant either. But none of these warranted in my opinion her reaction.

Then, when I was in the room to get the Faslodex, the nurse kept on apologizing for the "stick" she gave me. Really? That is a tiny needle. I'm used to the big mamas they use to draw blood, access my port (when I had one), and put int he IVs. Big. Pokey. These little needles for injections are a piece of cake even though they do put in a lot of material and it is very thick. For me that is.

I was thinking about it and I realized that not everyone can handle pain. I know I have a high least it seems so as I don't complain about has to be really bad before I do. So, I have to remember that others have low tolerances for discomfort.

I really feel sorry for them. I promise I will try not to be judgmental at the yelps and whimpers other people give.

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