Saturday, October 31, 2009

Go to the Doctor! It Might NOT be Cancer related

Yesterday, a friend of mine who was diagnosed with breast cancer only a year ago called me to ask if I had ever heard of radiation therapy making severe lumps on the bone. I told her that I had never heard of it doing that, and was really amazed in her case as she had a small lesion which wasn't very deep. She didn't even get chemotherapy.

While I strongly encourage people to join breast cancer support groups as quite often other survivors can allay fears or tell you what has been their experience, if you have any concerns or real questions, talk to your doctor. In this case, she needed to talk to a radiation oncologist and perhaps another doctor as well. Just because I hadn't heard of it doesn't mean that her lump wasn't caused by the radiation, but it isn't necessarily cancer or cancer treatment related either.

After my experience with my thinking my initial lump was a hypochondriac nursing mother going nutso and ignoring it only to find that it WAS breast cancer and my recent experience in pushing and discovering that my severe pelvic pain was actually a fracture....I don't leave things to conjecture anymore, but I pursue them....and I make sure that I pursue them with the right doctor.....I wouldn't see my oncologist about my eyes or my sore make sure that you don't tend to think of your oncologist as your general practicioner as well. Be proactive.

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