Friday, September 11, 2009

I've Reached a New Level

I've finally reached a new level! YAY! I think...hmm. I guess I'll let you decide.

Two of my neighbors retired this year from teaching school. While only slightly my seniors, their kids are grown and gone and I think one of them is a little afraid of not having enough to do.

So...she signed us all up for water aerobics. She may have an ulterior motive...trying to get me to get more active and resolve the pain in my pelvis which has been getting greater...I don't know.

Today was the second day of the class which meets three times a week. I've done water aerobics before, and I'm always surprised at how fit I am compared to the other people...I suppose it is because I garden so much. It was painful when I had to do things which moved my right leg laterally. But I muddled through and I'm hoping that this is only scar tissue which needs to be stretched out so that I can go back to a more normal life.

So...what's the milestone? Well, I had my mastectomy in January, 1998. When they did it, they were not able to remove the scars from the lumpectomy because of where they were placed... Frankly, it looks rather like I've tangled with a bear.

For years, I've been very awkward about having a prosthesis and being one-breasted. I always went to dressing cubicles and sort of hid. Today, I wasn't so shy and dressed in the open bay of the locker room.

This may seem rather silly....but this IS a milestone. I suppose that part of it is that so many people have now had breast cancer....the other thing is while I am not flaunting it, it is me. I'm tired of going to great lengths to cover up my left side as I change from my swimming suit to day clothes. Hopefully, the world will be able to accept my battle scars with grace . . . or at least the women in the locker room if not the whole world.


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