Friday, May 8, 2009

Remaining Positive in a Negative World

Sometimes it is really hard to stay positive in a negative world. I know that after having cancer, sometimes I'm not as forgiving of people, nor as patient with them. I feel like "hey, you turkey! Shape up! Don't you know that you could have some really bad news? Like significantly bad, maybe you have cancer?"

I think I suffer idiots much less than I used to. I also know that I have been the idiot to others.

Sometimes having cancer can make us angry. Sometimes it just curls us up and toasts us on the inside. Sometimes it makes you sit and say "why me?"

This gold iris is for a survivor I know. Someone who has taken it up to spread some good to others who have come her way. Recently, someone on the art quilt message board I follow said that she got tuition to go to a seminar for art quilters. Sometimes these classes can be costly. While the tuition may have been offset by the group, she still had to get transportation to the seminar, cover her room and board and also get the supplies she would need. She put on the message board that she was selling some of her work and "stuff" so that she could raise the money to go. Notice, she didn't ask for a hand-out, just a hand up and was taking the initiative.

One of the members of the board, who I happen to know is a survivor, helped this woman out. She didn't have to. She just spread some good feelings, or Karma or whatever and stepped in.

While stuff may happen, and it can be pretty awful to us, we can also take the stuff and shove it....and take the oportunity to do good. Just think of what the world would be like if everyone, survivor or no, took this viewpoint. I believe in random acts of kindness. Please, God, just help me to keep that in mind when I'm ready to blow my stack.

Shoshanna, this one's for you!

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